Your Employer May Be Stealing Money From You

  • By Edward Barlow
  • 15 Jul, 2017
It’s possible that you may have been, or might become the victim of the billon dollar industry of "wage fraud" - employers take money from your paycheck through uncompensated work hours in more. When you think of a criminal you think of a burglar, a thief, and so on, but what about... your employer?

Employers who do not pay their employees the benefits and wages guaranteed to them by the law are the biggest criminals. Some of the most populated states in the USA have close to, $8 billion every year taken from an estimated 2.4 million people due to wage fraud.

Sources in the justice system feel that the likelihood of you becoming a victim of wage fraud has increased because of things like mandatory arbitration. This is the unspoken and most commonly an unknown action of waving your right to trail by jury and any related disputes with your employer of any manner must be handled via arbitration.

Many times by signing mandatory papers during your application process you agree to these terms unknowingly.

These are some of the 7 sneaky ways employers are taking money out of your pocket.

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By Edward Barlow 03 Aug, 2017
In today economy everyone's goal is to avoid money problems because of costly necessitates of life like mortgages, college tuition, retirement funds and more. Coincidentally, when its time to take care of those things we're left finically in a hole. After a while you become more and more accepting of always falling short and never getting ahead and where there's acceptance susceptibility is not far away.

According to the "American Psychological Association" money is the number one stress producer amongst Americans. Many individuals will never learn how to avoid financial problems, but there are things you can do to relieve yourself of  money related stress.
By Edward Barlow 19 Jul, 2017
25% of the jobs in America may be under the siege of foreign competition in the coming years. This will leave many people working high risk jobs, unemployed and low skilled jobs will become automated. Simultaneously the aftermath across united stated will leave millions displaced, mostly low-skilled workers with less education.

Communities prone to economically unstable cycles will be particularly hurt more than others.

After the recession ended in 2009 many companies were able to avoid the offshoring and automation of their jobs but with no foreseeable result. When opportunity dries up and highly skilled educated workers transition jobs, large companies see everyone else as expendable.

Metropolitans across the united states will be submerged in unemployment, poverty, and social isolation. An economically oppressed community will continuously yield individuals with low-skillset and minimal education who are commonly over looked and neglected in the work place.

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